Weird 24 Hours for Purdue QB's

Within the last 24 hours we have seen former Purdue QB, Kyle Orton, get traded in a huge swap with the Denver Broncos. You know, the one featuring Jay Cutler and a ridiculous bounty of draft picks.  We have also seen future Boilermaker QB Justin Seller, well, get sent home. Drew Brees, you might want to just stay inside for a few days until the storm passes, and Curtis Painter, well, I don't think this effects you anyway.

In what many are calling the biggest day for the Chicago Bears since Super Bowl XX the talking heads are going nuts, so is a large portion of the fan base. This is equal to the second coming...of Sid Luckman I guess. I'll be honest, I am not ready to jump on this bandwagon just yet. 

Obvious Purdue bias aside, I don't see this trade as such a positive for the Bears. Chicago gives up not only a QB who reportedly was respected in the locker room, but they also give up a whole lot of draft potential (ok, Angelo may not be any better at drafting talent then me, but seriously, two firsts and a third?) The Bears give up a QB that did what was asked, did not complain and won almost twice as many games as he lost. Orton was becoming a solid fantasy QB last year until the leg injury, the one sustained fighting for a first down. So, what did the Bears get in return, a QB, who in the last few weeks flipped and flopped on whether he wanted to be traded or not. A QB that the Broncos were willing to trade for a one year wonder in Matt Cassel. A Bronco QB that was brash enough to say he had a stronger arm than Denver legend John Elway. Sure I want to see a confident QB, but to me this would be like Matt Forte coming out and saying he is a better runner than Walter Payton.

I hope it works out well for the Bears, I want Cutler to be a Hall of Famer as a Bear QB - but a strong arm doesn't beat 25 mile hour winds whipping off the lakefront. To succeed in Chicago you need to work hard, shut your mouth and put up results - hopefully Cutler can do this.

On the other side I think Denver is getting a steal - all the picks and a QB that fits a shut gun based offense. Orton, and his neckbeard, almost seem like they belong in a city like Denver. Orton never was Drew Brees at Purdue, and he will not be Elway in Denver - what he will be is KO, a guy that will put the work in, put it all on the line and occasionally provide some humorous antics.

The other Purdue QB making news is Justin Siller, who until today was projected to be in the running for the starter role with Senior Joey Elliott going into next season. Earlier today news came out that Siller was dismissed from the team for an academic violation. This is never good news for the school, team or player. The specifics are yet to be released, if they ever will be, but this is just a sad story. Siller got some play last year as a Freshman during the uneven Senior season of Curtis Painter. I hope Siller can rebound from this, and I hope Purdue and Coach Hope can get something positive going after such a bad thing to happen going into his first season at the helm.

So, Bob Griese and Gary Danielson double check your TV contracts- Jim Everret, stay away from Jim Rome for a while. And finally, somebody please send a memo to Billy Dicken please, well, just because I am sure things could be worse.

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