My Little Experiment

One of the cool things that have occurred based on some of my recent posts is the awareness level I have gained about some companies and products I didn’t know existed. From direct feedback to my own research I have learned a lot about these companies and the things they produce.

I have also had the chance to see that many of these cool little companies and products don’t have the bandwidth to market with some of the larger, better known brands. They don’t have the teams to help with SEO and PR to help pull their websites to page one in search ranks. They may not know about how a search marketing campaign can help drive traffic, or how inexpensive it can be. Also, some have not jumped on the social media bandwagon based on either not knowing how it works or not having enough hours in the day. These cool little companies and products are the small businesses that we hear so much about being the lifeblood of our country, and especially in times like this everyone could use a little extra publicity.

So, I have decided to do a little experiment. What I want to do is find out what cool products you feel need a little extra shout out (I hate that phrase, but whatever.) I am asking those of you that read this to send me a link to the company/product website (G rated of course) along with just a few words about why I should link them from the blog. Please note that I may use your comments along with the link to let others know why they should check this product out. In an upcoming post I will put together the links that pass my little sniff test and put them out to my readers (OK, I am not like CNN, but some people do actually read this stuff.) And in SEO every link counts (OK not every link, but that is not the point I am trying to achieve.)

Could this be a colossal failure and no one gives me anything to work with sure, but you get used to things not going as planned at times in marketing. So, with that said, if you think someone needs one more link on the web and a few words of love please let me know. Don’t be shy if the product is yours feel free to pass on the link. It doesn’t matter the industry or product, if I need to turn it into a couple posts so be it. As a consumer of knowledge (sometimes trivial) I really just want see what’s out there. You can message me on twitter or email me directly, I look forward to learning more about what is cool to you.

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