It's Not About Marketing

When I started this blog, my goal was to share marketing insights I had gained over the years – it was something I know well and can speak clearly about, but a post a few months back really got me thinking about the value I can provide in the wide world of noise (the internet for short.) As marketing has been a big part of me for the last 15 years, it is only a part.

Who I am as a person is obviously much more than that, and this is why when I broke from talking about marketing to issues of more personal significance I began rethinking. Ever sense I can remember I have always had a passion about improving the world in my own little way. Taking care of the environment has always been a big part of that, as I have aged I have not changed my view, but rather lessened my intensity on how I can make an impact.

As a parent with a new child on the way I think it is time to rekindle the flame. The world we live in has always been hectic, the fight for survival has always been there – but in a time when we are all more enlightened isn’t it time to stop making excuses and start working to make a difference?

From carbon emissions, the melting of polar icecaps, the increasing level of trash in landfills our years of excess have come at a cost that we are placing on future generations. In the instant gratification world we worry about what is in front of our nose when the real danger is sitting around the corner. It would be hypocritical of me to sit here and think I have not been part of the problem. For years I made choices based on convenience as opposed to what might be best for the world (Seriously, I love Fiji water, but in the end it is just water and I put a lot of plastic in landfills when I could have easily gone to the tap.)

So now my focus is on where in my soul I know it should be – sure I might sneak a little marketing babble in here or there, but in the end my blog is going to focus more on the social issues that matter to me. You will still get the snark, but there might be a little more vinegar too.

My challenge to you who read this is to do everything you can to educate yourself on the impact you have on the world and see if there aren't a few changes you can make. Also, if you have a reason to refute what I post, please do - in the end it is all about education and none of us is ever done learning.

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