Adding to the Noise

Earlier today I decided to start a blog - I threw something up quickly on LiveJournal - and played around a little with the page - but my god that site is cluttered. So after one post I have officially moved my blog here to blogger. I like the clean interface (Google just has a way with these things.)

My dilemma now is this - am I just adding to the noise and clutter of the web - and if so, do I care? As someone who has dedicated years to marketing I absolutely love the direction our industry is going - so much flexibility and creativity is in play now, it is an exciting time to be a marketer. Even in this tight economy it is just fun to be a part of this technology boom.

From twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube - the rise in web 2.0 has presented a new world to marketers. It is amazing how inexpensive and vast these new vehicles are (but oh what a double edged sword that can be, especially if you are not authentic.)

So, this a redo of post one for me - time to add to the noise

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