Is this really my job?

Today I was sitting at my desk and realised how much my life is comparable to the average 12-year-old girl. I regularly check my facebook updates, send out tweets, view of the stats on my YouTube channel, go to Digg and promote articles I find relevant and monitor networking groups on LinkedIn - and I call this my job. If I started listening to the Jonas Brothers I would have to begin questioning what exactly has happened to my life.

It is crazy to think about how my role as a marketer has changed in just the last decade. In my first job I was excited to have email and now I operate almost exclusively in a virtual world. I simply can not imagine myself still being in this field if my sole focus was making brochures and writing white papers (not that I still don't do these things, but you know what I mean.) The thing that is most exciting is figuring out what is coming next. 

Social networking is here to stay and is an effective marketing tool, but only if you use it appropriately and too it's fullest. Having your CEO blog about the new color of his office is not utilizing technology properly. If you are thinking you don't know if social network marketing is for you, know certain aspects may not be - but don't rule out the entire communication vehicle as a whole. As the economy continues to seize and budgets get tighter you need to at least look at everything the net has to offer... I am looking at you B2B companies.

Just because you are not marketing a soft drink to a group of teenagers does not mean that social networking is not for you, it can be. Take a poll of your staff, find out how many people utilize these tools in there everyday lives. As the workforce gets younger these numbers are only going to rise - so it only makes sense to be where your audience lives. 

Despite everything going on in the news - this is still an exciting time to be alive and an exciting time to be a marketer. Marketing is and should be fun - embrace it. Explore the world of blogs and tweets and maybe flip over to ITunes and give the new Jonas Brothers single a listen - it can't be that bad... can it?

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