My Apologies to Moby

OK, in a blog I recently posted about baby products for dads I made some pretty unflattering comments about the Moby Wrap. I believe my exact words were: "It is a baby carrier that once you get it all on you look like a ninja or a star wars fanboy." I also said I could never see myself wearing it. Well...

I guess this is where I apologies for that. 

Why am I doing this? Well, earlier tonight I wanted to make a sandwich, Torry was finally getting some time for herself after I got home and Logan was really getting upset. I knew that if I held him I could get him to calm down, but I also needed my hands to make the sandwich. Then I thought about the Moby. If I just threw it on quickly to make the sandwich (and eat it) it would be over quick. So, I put it on and got Logan into it.

Surprisingly it was really comfortable, and I had almost complete mobility. So after my sandwich I kept Logan in the wrap for some time after - it was kind of cool how calm he was and how natural it felt. So, for opening my mouth before even trying something I apologize. And, in truth, I didn't look half bad (however I would have looked much better in black to cover my love handles.)

On a somewhat more serious note I will add that I am someone that radiates heat and after an hour with Logan that close to me I was getting very warm, so if any other dad does try a Moby keep that in mind.

So in closing after further review the Moby would get a 4 out of 5 in my newly created (like just now) Dad Star Rating Scale.


  1. My two youngest ones "lived" in a carrier very similar to the Moby, when they were young. I liked it because they were wrapped right next to me, and the weight was perfectly distributed across my back. (Yes, when I'd walk down the street and their head was covered with the wrap while they slept, I'd get odd looks as to the assortment of strangely placed lumps and bumps on my body.) Often, people would say, "When I was in [insert various countries here], women would carry their babies in wraps just like that." (Keep in mind, this was close to 20 years ago, when this type of wrap was a novelty.) And after its long life as a carrier - it became a hammock type swing, when tied to two long eye-hooks in a thick beam in the living room, providing endless entertainment until it was threadbare.

  2. my wife always gets comments on the Moby... people who see it love it - I might have to look into the hammock option

  3. When I got my Moby it was a life saver for my daughter and I. She was so happy in there and I was thrilled to get to do stuff and have her happy. It was a win-win. We sort of became known around town - especially at the local AHL teams arena where we cheer on our team very regularly. My husband on the other hand weill here - http://www.ourlifeupstate.com/2009/09/hubby-and-babywearing-do-not-mix.html - take a look at what happened when he tried to wear it. :)